Our people

Powered by People

Preem has been nominated as one of the three finalists in Netsurvey’s Powered by People award, in the category ‘Best construction and manufacturing company’. The award recognizes and showcases companies that have scored high eNPS results in their survey and have a high number of committed employees. The accolade is exclusively based on the results of the 2016 employee survey — in Preem’s case the Preem Barometer — which means the winner of this prestigious award is determined by an impartial vote. 

A strong trend in employee statisfaction

A key tool for our strategy efforts is our employee survey, the Preem Barometer, which measures employee satisfaction, leadership, values and employer attractiveness each year. The

Preem Barometer has revealed an extremely positive trend over the past few years. Most noteworthy is the increase in the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) —a measure of how willing employees are to recommend Preem as an employer. Preem’s eNPS increased from -19 to +44 in four years, an outstanding improvement and an excellent result as the industry benchmark is 7. The Employee Satisfaction Index has also risen considerably since we began the surveys in 2010, from 75 to 90. One explanation for these excellent results is above all that we have been clearer about what the company has to offer and what Preem stands for via our values.