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Your role in the transition

We're all going somewhere. At Preem, we are on our way to 2035 and our goal towards a more sustainable future.

We have decided to significantly accelerate our own transition with a goal of being climate neutral in the entire value chain by 2035.

Preem is one of Sweden's largest industrial emitters, but also the company that, with our climate ambitions, will reduce emissions the most of all companies with large emissions in Sweden. [1 (external page)] Because we want, can and must.

As Sweden's largest fuel company, we help drive the transformation towards a sustainable society when we lead the transformation of road and air traffic, community functions, industry and sea transport. We have an important role in the transformation of the energy sector.

The energy transition needs you – your attitude and willingness to change and your smart ideas. All types of engineers are needed and cooperation between competencies is key to being successful as a company and as an individual.

Preem is in the middle of the energy transition – from fossil to renewable and electrified. We run several ongoing billion-dollar projects in the Västra Götaland region and work with a clear plan every day towards the goal of delivering the climate-neutral energy and material products that the bioeconomy needs. Below you will find more information about our projects and the work that you can be involved in and contribute to.

Aviation fuel of the future

According to our plan, we will produce renewable jet fuel, with approximately 500-600,000 cubic meters of renewable jet fuel per year. What raw materials will we use to make the fuel and do we have enough of them?

What is a Green Feed Unit - facility?

Head of New Opportunities, Henrik Rådberg, talks about how our Green Feed Unit facility will convert renewable raw materials into renewable diesel and biojet fuel.

Preem invests billions in the refinery conversion

The transition to a sustainable world must continue. To succeed, fossil fuels need to be phased out. Quickly. Right now we are investing big, really big.

What does the future of heavy goods vehicles look like?

Sweden's heave goods vehicles  must change to a more sustainable everyday life. But how is this to be done?

Project Synsat – to process renewable raw material

At Preem in Lysekil, we are currently working on a major renovation. Synsat is our new unique facility that is an important piece of the puzzle to enable a better journey.


Meet Malin Karlbrink, Process Production Engineer, who works with the Synsat project at the refinery in Gothenburg.

In the video, she talks about our brand new plant for HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil), which, according to plan, will expand our production of renewable diesel and aviation fuel by an additional approximately 1 million cubic meters, before 2030.

Swedish produced fuel

Our depot network stretches between Helsingborg in the south to Gävle in the north. The depots are crucial for supplying our country with Swedish produced fuel and ensure that Sweden continues to run. Straight into the future. More about our raw material management here

Our important function in society

Every day, we supply vital social functions with Swedish produced fuels. At the same time, we are reconfiguring our refineries to process even more renewable raw materials, so that we can have a sustainable and functioning society. Even in the future.

Towards the fuel of the future

We all want to continue traveling in the future. For that to work, life on the road must become more sustainable. Together with partners, we develop new fuels made from vegetable oils, waste and pyrolysis oil from sawdust to reach the climate goals in time.

This is how we work with carbon dioxide capture

What is carbon dioxide capture and how does it actually work? Is it really possible to capture carbon dioxide and store it under the seabed?

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