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A warm company culture

Do you want to work for the future - today? With us, your energy becomes part of our joint force for change.

Every employee is equally important

At Preem, your unique characteristics become part of our warm and inclusive corporate culture where community and collaboration are obvious tools to get where we're going.

Our company culture and your everyday work are characterized by a rapid pace of change, innovation and a focus on solutions. It requires that every employee is involved and drives development, takes on new challenges and takes responsibility for their own and the business' development every day.

Self-leadership is key for us to succeed in our transitionjourney. We work cross-functional, include and collaborate between teams , departments and functions and think of the team before the self. We work together and long-term to reach our hard-set climate goals and our vision of a more sustainable society by 2035.

Our values

At Preem, we work according to three values that should guide us in our everyday life. They give us a joint approach and common rules of the game for how we should treat each other as colleagues, our customers, suppliers and other partners.

  • Sol-ikon

    Taking responsibility

    Taking responsibility is for us to always put safety first in all our decisions. By acting professionally and with good competence, we contribute to sustainable relationships. In addition, we take a sustainable responsibility for both the work environment, the environment, social commitment and financial long-termism.

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    For us, innovation means pushing forward in everything we do, leading the transformation and constantly developing both the individual and the business. In order to be innovative, we want to consciously and actively encourage creativity and a solution-oriented approach. We dare to take business risks, but never compromise on personal safety. We celebrate success together.

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    To live "One Preem" it is important for us to build a strong community together. We do this by always being welcoming and inclusive in a respectful, sympathetic, open and personal way in all our meetings. This creates a long-term and sustainable relationship between each other, with our customers and the world around us, where differences become a strength. Together we make a difference.

"Important to build strong community"

Here, Magnus Heimbiurg, CEO, talks about our culture and values.

Are you right for us and we right for you?

To be able to meet tomorrow's challenges, you as an employee are open to change. That you want to be part of Preem's journey forward.

To thrive and succeed at Preem, you need to be:

  • Open to new challenges.
  • A team player. We like to work in teams.
  • Good at seeing your role in the big picture.

Of course, you also share our ambitions. Because when it comes down to it, there is no more important direction than the one that goes towards a more sustainable society. And we are on our way there - with smart solutions that make a difference to society and the environment.