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Diversity and Inclusion

A prerequisite for sustainable development.

Our differences enable a better journey

We know that increased diversity creates a more creative and dynamic work environment, which leads to increased innovation and more high-performing and flourishing employees.

Therefore, we have clear goals to increase diversity within the company with a particular focus on gender and ethnic background. We work to achieve an even gender distribution in all leadership and white-collar roles and to increase the proportion of women within our production operations.

We work actively to be a workplace where all employees can be themselves and where different perspectives, experiences and knowledge are utilized.

Diversity and inclusion are not an isolated subject but must permeate and be an integral part of our business, our working methods and processes.

Preem and Diversity Charter

"Through our collaboration with Diversity Charter, we get access to training, inspiration and exchange of experiences that strengthen us in our diversity and inclusion work. We are also proud to be part of the world's largest network in diversity and inclusion issues and together with other member companies can drive development forward", Ylva Nyberg, Head of Communication & Human Resources

Preem and RedLocker

"Being able to offer free menstrual protection for our employees is an important step in improving the working environment and gender equality in the workplace. We have also placed Red Lockers at all of our 520 stations to facilitate and improve the working environment for, for example, truck drivers and other professions who work along our roads as well as for our customers. It is an important piece of the puzzle to a more equal society", Diana Fäldt, chief protection officer and production technician at Preemraff Lysekil

Reverse mentoring at Preem

Being a mentor to a more senior and experienced member of the management team was an exciting task. Also being able to share my thoughts, ideas and views on various topics created a great motivation and desire to learn more from other departments/sections", Tyll Voigt, former operations engineer, now production manager, mentor to Ylva Nyberg, head of Communications & HR

En leende man och en man i förgrunden som är ur fokus