Our business and vision

Preem refines and sells gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, heating oils and other products to companies and consumers in Sweden and abroad. Including personnel at our distributors and partners, over 3,000 people work under the Preem brand. Our value chain is based on three steps: purchasing, refining and selling. 

1. Purchasing

Preem purchases crude oil and renewable raw materials from around the world and sees to it that they are transported to our refineries in Gothenburg and Lysekil. Which raw materials are bought depends on many things, from economic conditions and customer demand to price and raw material properties.

2. Refining

Preem’s refineries produce fuel and other products. The combined capacity of all Preem refineries is 18 million metric tons of refined products, which is equivalent to 125 million barrels per year. The Gothenburg refinery also refines renewable raw materials into diesel with a high proportion of renewable content.

3. Selling

Preem supplies companies, industries and consumers with renewable fuels, diesel, gasoline, heating oil, heavy oil, gas and lubricants. Around a third of Preem’s production is sold in Sweden via roughly 570 fuel stations for private and commercial traffic and an extensive distribution network for direct sales via depots. The remaining two-thirds, about ten million metric tons annually, is exported. This makes Preem one of Sweden’s largest exporters.

Our vision and responsibility

Preem’s vision for the future is to lead the transition toward a sustainable society. To make this vision a reality, we use a strategic framework based on our business concept, strategies, business plan and values.


Situational analysis leads to sustainability framework

As Sweden’s largest fuel producer, Preem bears great responsibility in its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and transition to a more sustainable society. We therefore conducted a situational analysis in 2017 of the expectations of our stakeholders in several sustainability areas, such as the environment and sustainable supply chains. We used this analysis as a basis to create a sustainability framework with clear focus areas, aims and goals. 

The sustainability framework is closely linked to Preem’s strategic framework.