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Products and Services

Leading Supplier of Energy

We supply many of Sweden's industrial and transportation companies with fuel, heat and energy. About two-thirds of Preem's annual refined production is exported, mainly to Northwest Europe.

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  • Share of Preem-produced fuels in Sweden


  • Renewable fuel production in 2023


  • Of Preem's production is exported


  • Heat deliveries district heating network per year 2022


Road Transportation

We supply fuel for heavy and light traffic

Preem supplies fuel for private individuals and companies within heavy and light road traffic. We offer a mix of liquid fuels such as diesel, gasoline, HVO100 as well as electric charging.

Preem also develops and provides various unique qualities of fuels and other niche products to customers based on specific needs and special requirements. Expert advice and technical support are available to customers through Preem's product specialists.

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Industry and Machinery

We meet the industry's need for heat and energy

We also supply fuels, mainly diesel and increasingly HVO100, for work machines in several socially critical sectors such as agriculture, forestry and construction.


Large supplier of adapted fuels for shipping

Shipping is a crucial mode of transportation for shipping goods, both within Sweden and to and from other countries. Preem is Sweden's largest supplier of customized shipping fuel, such as diesel, low-sulfur gas, and fossil oil.

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Preem develops renewable fuels for more sustainable aviation

In the long term, Preem plans to offer large-scale biojet deliveries. Preem is also investigating the possibilities of producing and delivering eSAF - electrofuels for the aviation industry. 


Preem is Sweden's largest producer of fuel

In addition to its stations and through its own market channels, Preem also sells fuel through a nationwide network of retailers.


Large station network with shops

With a nationwide network of about 500 stations, Preem offers fuel and successively charging possibilities to consumers. About a hundred stations are staffed and sell everything from food and drinks to car washes, rentals and accessories.