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Electrification of transport

Our electric charging campaign covers the whole of Sweden

Electrification can play a role to reduce emissions in traffic rapidly. Technology is evolving quickly in the field of light traffic, where the passenger car fleet is being rapidly electrified. By developing a wide network of electric charging stations, we contribute to enabling charging opportunities for those with electric cars.

Super fast chargers across Sweden

Our commitment to electric charging covers all of Sweden. The rollout is being carried out along Preem's crewed stations with the ambition to equip 15 - 25 new stations with super-fast chargers annually. The charging posts are established together with the operator ReCharge or in-house.

The super-fast chargers have a charging speed of 150 - 350 kW and always come from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower*. 

The next step heavy traffic

Today's technology for electric charging is best suited for lighter traffic, such as private cars. With the development of batteries and the launch of new vehicles, an increasing number of heavier vehicles will be electrified. By establishing charging facilities for heavy traffic, Preem enables the lowest possible climate impact in the field of heavy commercial traffic.

*Renewable energy sources

That the electricity is renewable is guaranteed through so-called origin guarantees. Origin guarantees are certificates that show how the electricity is produced and are issued for every produced megawatt-hour (MWh).

The certificates are traded on an open market that includes electricity producers and suppliers.