Leading the transition to a sustainable society

Strategy 2030 Strategy 2030

Growth in renewable fuel, and by 2030 we will produce and sell 3 million m3 renewable fuel.

Top class profitability and market efficiency, and we will reach adjusted EBITDA of 8 BSEK.

Innovative fuel company, and to be perceived as the most sustainable brand in our industry.

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Vision Vision

As Sweden's largest producer of fuel, we have a great responsibility in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to a more sustainable society. Our vision is to lead the transition towards a sustainable society. We can make a difference and therefore we produce renewable fuels, diesel and gasoline that works in today's and tomorrow's vehicles. We can and want to transfer our tranditional oil refinereis to biorefineres, a journey that has already started.

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Sustainability Sustainability

Nearly half of all fuel consumed in Sweden comes from Preem. Being a major fuel producer we also we have a major responsibility to work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and minimize the environmental impact in all stages. By being innovative and actively taking action, we accept our responsibility for a reduced climate impact, a better environment and a better society.

TCFD reporting

Sustainability report 2018

Renewable fuel projects Renewable fuel projects

We want to be at the frontline of new raw materials and technologies for fossil free fuel. We use several guiding sustainability criteria in the assessments of raw material. We are currently running roughly a dozen research and development projects to find new raw materials and processes for fuel development.

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Major projects Major projects

Already today, Preem's refineries are around 20 percent more environmentally efficient than the average in Europe. But we continue to make major investments in our refinery business, which aims to increase the production capacity of renewable fuels with less environmental impact, this in combination with our effort to aheive optimization and profitability.

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