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We want to be the Enabler of transition

Our vision is to lead the transition towards a sustainable society and we see ourselves as an important contributor to the conversion from fossil to renewable fuels.

We have the technical prerequisites in our refineries, we have the expertise of our employees and we have the infrastructure. We can and want to transfer our traditional oil refineries to biorefineries, to same cost and resources, a journey that has already started. Read more about our renewable fuel efforts here. 

Strategic goals

Preem has set a goal to become a climate neutral comapny by 2035, by investing in renewable fuels production, feedstock switching and carbon sequestration measures like carbon capture projects. 

Our focus areas

  • Deliver Sustainable Mobility Offering to Customers.
  • Transformation from Fossil to Renewable Production.
  • Secure a Portfolio of Renewable Feedstock.
  • Digital Transformation for Profitable Growth.