Responsible business

Being one of Sweden’s largest energy and transportation businesses entails a great, twofold responsibility for Preem. We are responsible for ensuring the supply of our products and  making them available in Sweden – but also for developing new products with less environmental impact. 

Leading the transition toward a sustainable society

Preem is Sweden’s leading fuel company. We refine and sell gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, heating oils and other products to companies and consumers in Sweden and abroad. Our two refineries in Gothenburg and Lysekil account for over 80 percent of the Swedish refinery capacity. Around half of all fuel consumed in Sweden comes from is produced by Preem. Seven out of ten freight services run on our diesel and nearly half of Sweden’s industrial companies get obtain their heating and energy products from us.

Simply put, our products are a key component in keeping public transportation running  and providing heating for schools and hospitals. We are also one of the companies with  security stocks so we which means that we are able to  continue supplying energy to Sweden in case of unexpected events disrupting the supply of oil.

Being a large player in the Swedish energy and transportation business  means that we have a great responsibility regarding our environmental impact. Our vision is therefore to lead the transition toward a sustainable society  although we have just started on this path, we believe that we can be at the forefront of this transition. Our goal is to produce three million cubic meters of renewable products by 2030 – the same year the Swedish government aims for the Swedish vehicle fleet to be free of fossil fuels. Read more about how we plan to reach this goal with our renewable fuel efforts here.

Jobs across Sweden 

Preem has more than 1,400 employees. We count as many as 3,000 people among our ranks when including the personnel of our distributors and partners. Our two refineries in Gothenburg and Lysekil are home to 900 employees. In Lysekil, we are the municipality’s largest private employer. We collaborate with the municipality and support local associations and activities. We also do our best to be a good neighbor in the towns where we have facilities.

Our facilities and head office are not the only places where you might  find Preem employees. We create jobs in many rural areas thanks to our network of roughly 570 fuel stations.

Transparency and public opinion

Leading the transition toward a sustainable society requires that Preem engage in open dialog with politicians, the automobile industry, research institutes and the residents, who are becoming increasingly interested in the issues we tackle daily. Given our important role in the fuel industry, we know what the potential for a sustainable transition is – and just as important, we know what obstacles stand in the way. Therefore we shape public opinion in order to obtain long-term political rules related to sustainability, and welcome the mandatory inblend system imposed by the Swedish government in 2017. Long-term rules enable us to make the long-term investments required to transition our operations with renewable priorities. 

Toward greater self-sufficiency

Many functions of the Swedish society as we know it currently depends on crude oil imports. This means that we are required to operate in foreign locations containing oil, even though many of the major oil-producing countries differ from Sweden on key issues like democracy, transparency and human rights. This is another reason why Preem aims to increase the proportion of renewable fuel in our production. We believe that in Sweden there is a great possibility for us to become  self-sufficient in renewable fuels. We are working to increase self-sufficiency via research, development and production of fuel from waste and residue products originating from forestry and agriculture, both on our own and in collaboration with others.

We strive to take responsibility throughout our supply chains regardless of what country the products and raw materials we purchase come from. Read more about these efforts here

Sustainable Brand Index winner Sustainable Brand Index winner

Preem is putting a lot of effort into its sustainability initiatives. Therefore we take great pride in being named the most sustainable fuel company in the industry by the Sustainable Brand Index B2B Study.The Sustainable Brand Index is the largest sustainability study in the Nordic region.