Our major projects

CCS Carbon capture storage CCS Carbon capture storage

The CCS technology itself is about separating carbon dioxide from the flue gases before being released into the atmosphere.The separated carbon dioxide is compressed into liquid form and then transported to a storage site deep in the ground. The purpose of CCS is to be able to store carbon dioxide in, for example, the bedrock and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Preem, together with Chalmers and Norwegian research institute SINTEF, has conducted a preliminary study on how Preem's refinery in Lysekil could use CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage, ie to capture and store carbon dioxide. The next step for Preem is to carry out a demonstration project in Lysekil to provide a basis for designing a full-scale CCS facility. The study is scheduled to start in 2019 and run until 2021.

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Hygrogen gas plant Hygrogen gas plant

Preem and Vattenfall, one of Sweden's larges producer of renewable electricity, in collaboration to design a hydrogen gas plant to produce hydrogen gas for biofuel manufacture based on residues from the Swedish pulp industry. Hydrogen gas is currently generated mainly from fossil natural gas, which gives rise to carbon dioxide emissions. By producing hydrogen gas from fossil-free electricity instead, these emissions can be avoided. Additional factory is to be build with electrolyzer of 18 MW and hydrogen production of 3.800 normal M3 of hydrogen/hour. The plant will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 tonnes per year from the process, and emissions in the transport sector are expected to fall by around 230,000 tonnes per year when biofuels replace diesel and petrol. This is the equivalent of the emissions from 80,000 vehicles per year.

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Green Feed Unit plant Green Feed Unit plant

Today Preem manufactures the renewable diesel, Preem Evolution Diesel, at the refinery in Gothenburg. The facility has been developed in several installments, and will be further adapted to increase capacity gradually. But in order to reach the target of three million cubic meters renewable, more investments are needed and an important part is a possible new facility. The planned changes are primarily about a new Renewable Production plant, a Green Feed Unit (GFU), which will produce approximately one million cubic meters of renewable diesel and renewable aviation fuel each year. Preem will also seek permission to install a so-called electrolytic tube that produces hydrogen from electricity. Other changes include, for example, extending the raw material base so that different types of renewable raw materials can be included. The new plant is expected to be completed no earlier than 2023.

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