A double responsibility

Sustainable development is development that meets today’s needs without putting the possibilities of future generations to meet their needs at risk.

The future is our most important market and the conversion to a sustainable society is our most important issue. We have a double responsibility: society needs our products and we shall ensure that they are produced and used in as sustainable, energy and environmentally adapted way as possible.

A holistic perspective on the sustainability issues

Sustainable development entails economic, social and ecological sustainability, not just now or next year, but with a view to the future. The sustainability perspective shall be present in all we do, from how we treat both customers and each other at the workplace to how we minimize the burden on the environment in all stages and contribute to the societies in which we are active. The fact that sustainability permeates our strategies is especially reflected in our vision: “Preem leads the transformation to a sustainable society”.

We have a major responsibility

Preem is Sweden’s largest producer of fuel. Nearly half of all fuel consumed in Sweden comes from Preem. Being a major fuel producer combined with the fact that the transport sector accounts for one-third of the Swedish climate gas emissions means that we have a major responsibility to work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and minimize the environmental impact in all stages. By being innovative and actively taking action, we accept our responsibility for a reduced climate impact, a better environment and a better society.