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Broadened Raw Material Base

Preem buys crude oil and renewable raw materials from all over the world. They are transported to the refineries in Gothenburg and Lysekil to be processed into finished products that are then sold in Sweden and Norway or exported to the international market.

Lasbil kör på ensam landsväg genom dimma, skog och åkermark

Renewable Raw Materials - the Foundation of the Transition

Today, Preem uses renewable raw materials such as used frying oil, fats from the food industry, and processed residual products from the forestry, wood and pulp industry, such as tall oil and pyrolysis oil from sawdust.

Preem's transition to an increasingly renewable production means an increasing need for renewable raw materials, suppliers and partnerships. We also need to ensure that renewable raw materials are sustainable in the long-term and do not entail new sustainability risks for the environment or society.

In the process of identifying more sustainable raw materials and developing the processes for converting these into biofuels, Preem conducts research and development internally and together with academia, research institutes and other partners.

Purchase of fossil raw materials in 2022

Preem purchases an average of 300 000 barrels of crude oil from suppliers worldwide each trading day. The single most significant part, 72 percent, of the crude oil comes from Norway and the North Sea (2022), followed by Nigeria (10 %) and the USA (7 %).