Safe transports at sea

Preem has very comprehensive safety rules to avoid oil spill at sea. 

Preem has a shipping policy stating that the company accepts and charters double hulled vessels only. The vessels must be constructed with double hull, sides and bottom, and have completely separated tanks and a system for handling ballast water.

Preem also has very comprehensive rules stipulating the age of the tankers used for transport by Preem. Besides the age of the ship Preem takes into account the ship’s equipment, crew, and that documents and certificates are in order.

This means that all tankers that transport cargo to and from Preem Brofjorden and Gothenburg Refinerie´s are continuously inspected and approved by Preem Ship Vetting.

Preem is also since 1995 member of a group of five in a control and evaluation system for tanker vessels – Ship Information System (SIS3). The system is based on a joint database that is continuously updated by the owner companies.

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