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Two of Europe's Most Modern Refineries

Preem's production takes place at our two refineries on the west coast of Sweden, one in Gothenburg and one in Lysekil. Both are among Europe's most modern refineries. The transition from fossil fuels to more renewables is ongoing at each refinery.

Together, they have the possibility of producing up to 18 million cubic meters of fuel annually. With this, we account for about 80 percent of the refinery capacity in Sweden and about 40 percent of the Nordic Countries.

The refinery in Lysekil

Depot Network for Efficient Logistics

Depots play an essential role not only in efficiently distributing finished products to customers but also in the intermediate storage of various input materials for refinery production. Preem has six depots in Sweden from Helsingborg in the south to Gävle in the north and collaborates with an external depot operator in Sandefjord, Norway.

Sweden's Third Largest Station Network

Preem has a nationwide service network with over 500 filling stations in Sweden for private and commercial traffic under the Preem and Såifa brands. In cooperation with YX, Preem products are available at over 200 stations in Norway.

The Logistics Chain: Efficient Maritime Deliveries

Most of the raw materials for Preem's refineries arrive by ship, and most of the finished products are, in turn, delivered by the same mode of transportation. Preem places high safety requirements on the ships that carry out the transports. Energy-efficient vessels with higher environmental performance are rewarded, and the vessels' speed are optimized and reduced so they do not arrive before a berth is available.
Preem can deliver products to customers throughout Sweden and Norway through an extensive network of depots and tankers. Customers are offered bulk deliveries and customized shipping options based on the desired delivery time. They can also be helped to maintain agreed stock levels on-site at their facilities through services such as level monitoring and automated delivery flows.

High-Quality Lubricants from Scanlube

Preem and Uno-X Mobility AS own the Scanlube lubricant factory in Gothenburg. Among other things, engine, hydraulic and gearbox oils are manufactured, and most of the production is sold under the Texaco brand. In addition to both owners being major customers, Scanlube's customers are mainly found in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Refinery in Gothenburg

  • One of Europe's most modern refineries
  • Producing renewable fuels since 2010 and HV0100 since 2023
  • Opened in 1967

The Refinery in Lysekil

  • Scandinavia's largest and one of Europe's most modern refineries
  • Complex refinery with a large number of processing facilities
  • Own port
  • Opened in 1975

Strong Support

More than three out of four Swedes think it is crucial to have domestic fuel production. At the same time, eight percent are negative, according to a survey by Kantar Sifo in January 2023.