Leading the transition towards a sustainable society

Preem is an important player in the conversion to renewable fuels. Our vision is to lead the transition towards a sustainable society. This means that we consider the future as our most important market and the journey to a sustainable society as one of our most important issues.

To lead the transition towards a sustainable society

The transport sector accounts for a third of the Swedish climate gas emissions. As Sweden's largest producer of fuel, Preem has a great responsibility in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to a more sustainable society.

Preem can make a difference. Therefore, we produce renewable fuels, diesel and gasoline that works in today's and tomorrow's vehicles. We have the technical prerequisites in our refineries, we have the expertise of our employees and we have the infrastructure. We can and want to transfer our traditional oil refineries to biorefineries, a journey that has already started. Our goal is to gradually replace fossil raw materials with renewable raw materials.

The vision is clarified in Preem's strategic focus areas:

  • Climate adapted production and delivery
  • Climate adapted fuels
  • Sustainable operations
  • Employee and organization
  • Profitability