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New facility will provide a million cubic meters of renewable energy

Preem is planning a new facility at the Gothenburg refinery. The new plant is expected to produce approximately one million cubic meters of renewable diesel and renewable aviation fuel per year. This corresponds to approximately 25 percent of Sweden's estimated need for renewable fuels 2030.

Preems raffinaderi i Gteborg

Preem's long-term goal is to manufacture at least three million cubic meters of renewable fuels by 2030. Now, the company takes an important step towards this by initiating an application for a new environmental permit at the Land and Environmental Court.

The planned changes are primarily about a new Renewable Production plant, a Green Feed Unit (GFU), which will produce approximately one million cubic meters of renewable diesel and renewable aviation fuel each year. Preem will also seek permission to install a so-called electrolytic tube that produces hydrogen from electricity. Other changes include, for example, extending the raw material base so that different types of renewable raw materials can be included.

“Preem wishes to continue the transition to a sustainable society and increase production of renewable fuels in Sweden. We have both the technology and the ability to handle the transition to more sustainable fuels", says Petter Holland, CEO of Preem.

Today Preem manufactures the renewable diesel, Preem Evolution Diesel, at the refinery in Gothenburg. The facility has been developed in several installments, and will be further adapted to increase capacity gradually. But in order to reach the target of three million cubic meters renewable, more investments are needed and an important part is a possible new facility.

In order to implement these changes, Preem has to apply for a new environmental permit from the Land and Environmental Court, which covers both the planned and existing activities. The first step in that process is to call for consultation, partly with authorities and partly with residents.

The new plant is expected to be completed no earlier than 2023.

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About Preem Preem is the largest fuel company in Sweden. Our vision is to lead the transformation towards a sustainable society. Our two refineries are among the most modern and environmentally adapted in Europe, with a refining capacity of more than 18 million cubic meters of crude oil per year. Our business encompasses production, sales, distribution, trading and goods supply. We refine and sell petrol, diesel, heating oil and renewable fuels to companies and consumers in Sweden and Norway. Around two-thirds of our production is exported. We also have a nationwide service network with some 570 fuel stations for private and commercial traffic. Preem employs around 1,400 people, of which 950 work at the refineries. Preem had a turnover of SEK 69 billion in 2017. Read more at