Shipping policy

Hull requirements:

Vessels chartered by Preem or used for transportation of Preem cargoes of crude oils or petroleum products, must regardless of type or size be constructed  as double hull tankers. 

Requirements vessels age:

The age limit for tankers is 20 years with possibility for extension up to maximum 25 years, subject a Condition Assessment Programme (CAP) has been implemented and certified, with a satisfactory acceptable rating in accordance with Procedures for Vessel Acceptance in Preem. 

Special requirements for Preem Refinery in Lysekil

To ensure safe passage through the archipelago, tug escort is compulsory for all crude oil vessels and for all other vessels > dwt 20.000 in loaded condition. 

Deviation from policy

Under special circumstances, at Preem’s sole discretion, deviation from above policy may be given for a short transitional period of time. Such deviation always to be given based on Preem rules for "non-conformance procedures" and registered as a deviation from Preem Q&A-System.

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Charterparty terms and conditions
Dated 01.05.2010

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