Preem trades and supplies our refineries with crude oil as well as markets and sells the refined products.

Our two refineries, Preemraff Lysekil and Preemraff Göteborg, are designed to process several qualities of crude oil. Availability and a lower price of crude oils with high sulfur content increase the use of these crude oils within Preemraff. The strategy is that the refinery operates at maximum capacity, i.e., about 11.4 million tons/year.

From crude oil to enviromentally-friendly fuel

Once the crude oil has been fractioned in the crude oil distillation tower, the various fractions proceed for further processing in the upgrading plants. Different components are blended to form a product, which is then dispatched. In line with the market’s demands for environmentally-friendly, cleaner fuels, new process facilities have been established at the refinery.

In recent years the strategy has been to focus production on so-called environmentally-classed products. Preemraff was one of the very first refineries in the world to produce unleaded gasoline. Since January 1, 2000 the benzene content in the total gasoline pool has been reduced to max 1 percent. Production of environment class 1 diesel (sulfur < 10 ppm, aromatics content < 5 percent) now totals 100,000 m³/month.

Sulfer-free gasoline

In order to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide in accordance with new EU directives, a new facility was built for the production of sulfur-free gasoline and diesel, and this became operational in spring 2006. Sulfur-free fuel makes it possible to build more fuel-efficient engines in the future.

In the process plant crude oil is refined for products such as gas oil, gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel oils and heating oils for both the Swedish market and for export.

Production is controlled and monitored from the central control room using advanced regulatory systems, instruments and computers.