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Preem and the Shipping Company Sirius Donates Money to Mercy Ships

Preem and the shipping company Sirius donates a joint Christmas gift of a total of 81 900 SEK to charity organization Mercy Ships - which operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship.

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Preem’s long-term leased environmental tankers from Sirius shipping company apply “Just in Time”, which means that the vessels adjust speed to minimize the time of anchorage at the port. This application causes fewer vessels to anchors at our terminals, which results in lower fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact, saving a total of 81 900 SEK, money that Preem and Sirius choose to donate to charity Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships is an international charity organization that operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship, offering free high-quality operations to individual individuals. On board the hospital, over 400 volunteers work for free. Since the beginning of 1978, over 2,5 million people have been helped.

"This feels like a win-win for everyone, where we both create more efficient portraits, reduce our environmental impact while saving money that we can donate for charitable purposes with Sirius. The fact that the choice fell on Mercy Ships is due to the fact that it is a relief organization that stands for international shipping”, says Fredrik Backman, Head of Shipping Department at Preem.

"It is amazingly fun that the close cooperation between Preem and Sirius can give rise to both environmental savings and donations for charitable purposes through efficient business planning.

To reduce our environmental impact at a time, save time in port and support the humanistic work done by Mercy Ships really brings pleasure with joy”, says Martin Sjöholm, Commercial Manager at Sirius Chartering.

Picture 1: Mercy Ships operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship and has so far helped 2.5 million people.
Picture 2: Fredrik Backman, Preem, Tomas Fransson, Mercy Ships, and Martin Sjöholm, Sirius Chartering.

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For more information contact:
Fredrik Backman, Head of Shipping Department Preem, +46 (0)76 786 28 82
Martin Sjöholm, Commercial Manager Sirius Chartering, +46 (0)70 519 52 57
Preem's Press Office, +46 (0)70 450 10 01,

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